Marching With Caesar: Avenging Varus Part II ~ R.W. Peake


Marching With Caesar: Avenging Varus Part II

Author(s) R.W. Peake
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In the sixteenth installment of the international bestselling Marching With Caesar series, with the death of Titus Porcinianus Pullus, Centurion Gnaeus Volusenus finally learns the truth, that not only was Pullus his superior but his natural father, turning his world upside down. By accepting the truth and adopting his true identity, Gnaeus Volusenianus Pullus must cope with all that comes with being a member of this extraordinary family.
Traveling to the Pullus home of Arelate to inter his father’s ashes with Diocles' son Alexandros, Gnaeus faces challenges that, while they are unlike anything he has faced under the standard, are no less deadly, and come from within his own new family.
Barely recovering from his trip to Arelate, Gnaeus returns to the 1st Legion, where Germanicus Julius Caesar leads Gnaeus and his comrades in another campaign, in which the Army of the Rhine will at last face the German chieftain Arminius and finish the task set for them by Rome’s new Emperor Tiberius, hopefully avenging the loss of Varus and his Legions.