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Bellacorp Tire Pressure Monitoring System

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  • Real Time/Full Time Tire Pressure and Tire Temperature up to 34 tires. Sensors are pre-programmed to conform to two axles with 4 tires on the trailer. Other configurations require re-programming sensor placement.Commercial grade system useful for small trailers up to 18 wheelers.
  • Turn on Monitor and Screw in Sensors. High and Low Pressure alarms from 15psi to 175psi and high Temperature to 157 degrees.
  • Anti Corrosion Secure fitting sensor caps will not leak air. Industry leading sensor range. Waterproof to 3 feet. Sensors have replaceable batteries. Waterproof to 3 feet. Sensors have replaceable batteries.
  • Does NOT require a repeater for 90% of Trailers and Fifth Wheels. Monitor has back lighting for night driving. Monitor uses mini-USB power cord.
  • The screen is 3.5 by 1.5 inches. Easy to follow instructions for Installation. No tools necessary. Suction mounting or hard wire mounting included.
Drive Safe - Drive Sure. Our system shows you real time/full time tire pressure and tire temperature for increased safety on the highway. Easy to use and improved functions with pre-programmed sensors. More reliable than uncertain phone app monitoring or solar charging. Our system is suitable for heavy duty and commercial use, including semi-trucks and commercial equipment. Our monitor and sensors have the longest signal range in the industry (40 - 60 feet). We use long-lasting rugged alloy metal casing for our tire sensors. Our free-standing monitor holds a charge lasting 6 days of continuous use. Once in use, the monitor shuts itself off when not in use and turns back on when motion is sensed. Our real time/full time system provides you with hassle free - never have to think about it - safety. With normal RV usage, our system does not require a repeater. Even buses with a tow vehicle do not need a repeater. Sensors are pre-programmed to fit 4 tires on your trailer. Just turn on the monitor and screw in the numbered sensors to the tires. Tow axles have separate alarm settings. The trailer tires share the same alarm settings. Save up to 5% on fuel costs with properly inflated tires. The national transportation agency estimates that up to half of the tires on the road are under inflated. Under inflated tires cost you money in fuel and excessive tire wear. Our real time/full time alarm warns the driver during sudden deflation audible alarms and visual lights. Our alarm goes off when your tires slowly deflate below your set threshold. The high temperature alarm warns you if a wheel bearing or seized brake is failing and causing excessive heat. We offer a one year parts and labor warranty. Your Amazon order number is proof of purchase. Phone help is available from our Abilene, Texas office during normal business hours - central time. Order your TPMS today with 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 or 18 sensors by choosing from the menu. You can also order separate sensors from the menu.