Koolermax AR-122 6-stage RO+DI Aquarium Reef RO system 80 to 120 GPD New complete ~ Koolermax


Koolermax AR-122 6-stage RO+DI Aquarium Reef RO system 80 to 120 GPD New complete

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  • Koolermax 6-stage RO+DO Aquarium Reef water RO system, 120GPD
  • The system come with RO unit, pressure gauge, all filters, installation hardware
  • Include a auto-shut-off valve, so when output is closed, the input will be turn off
  • pressure gauge included, reads operating pressure and know when to replace the bottom 3 filters
  • Assembled in USA with NSF and FDA approved components
This Koolermax RO system will purify your tap water into clean ultra pure water for Aquarium. 1 output, We have been making RO systems in California USA for 18 years. Our systems are reliable and guaranty to perform. 6-stage 80 to 120 gallons per day depending on water pressure. 1 year warranty. The system come complete with all filters and membrane, pressure gauge, tubing, installation hardware, Free tech support. * 1st stage 5 micron sediment filter removes rust, sand, dirt, sediment from water * 2nd stage coconut shell activated carbon block filter removes chlorine, chloramines, odor * 3rd stage same as 2nd stage to ensure 100% removal rate of chlorine * 4th stage 120GPD reverse osmosis membrane removes up to 98% of contaminants and dissolved minerals * 5th and 6th stage DI filter to further purify and reduce the minerals for aquarium or other applications. Dimension: RO unit 16 in x 16 in x 6 in. You can call us directly if you have questions about this system 1-888-633-7972 (9am to 4:30pm PST)