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the year we make contact Full Movie Download List

"2010 Full Movie Download"

2010 Full Movie Download 1984

This 2010 Full Movie Download Realease at 1984-12-06, Directed by unknown, produced at 1984

2010 Full Movie Download Overview

This is a sequel to 2001 A Space Odyssey. It is now 2010 and both the Americans and the Russians are racing to get to Jupiter to investigate the black monolith (similar to the one found in Lunar Crater Clavius) which was found by the U.S.S. Discovery in orbit around Jupiter's moons. The U.S.S. Discovery's orbit is rapidly decaying and it will crash into IO but the Americans cannot get there in time to save U.S.S. Discovery. The Russians can get to Jupiter in time but only the Americans have the knowledge to access and awaken the U.S.S. Discovery's H.A.L.9000 sentient computer. This forces a joint American-Soviet space expedition against a backdrop of growing global tensions. The combined expedition is seeking answers to several mysteries. What is the significance of the black monolith? Why did H.A.L.9000 act so bizarrely and terminate 4 of 5 of the U.S.S. Discovery's crew? What happened to David Bowman? Along the way, curious data is detected ...

Contact 2015

Thomas Adam has an unbelievable and strange gift: when he touches an object, he can read the memories others have left behind… including their secrets.

3-2-1 Contact 1980

3-2-1 Contact is an American science educational television show that aired on PBS from 1980 to 1988, and an adjoining children's magazine. The show, a production of the Children's Television Workshop, teaches scientific principles and their applications. Dr. Edward G. Atkins, who was responsible for much of the scientific content of the show, felt that the TV program wouldn't replace a classroom but would open the viewers to ask questions about the scientific purpose of things.

Threshold 2005

Threshold was a science fiction drama television series that first aired on CBS in September 2005. Produced by Brannon Braga, David S. Goyer and David Heyman, the series focuses on a secret government project investigating the first contact with an extraterrestrial species.

Killer Contact

Killer Contact is an upcoming American paranormal television series on Syfy that was scheduled to debut on July 16, 2013. The series features a group of researchers who investigate reported paranormal activity around the world. Several press releases regarding Syfy's upcoming programming have not mentioned the series, nor has a new premiere date been announced.

Contact, l'encyclopédie de la création

Contact, l'encyclopédie de la création is a television series originally broadcast by Quebec's public broadcaster Télé-Québec. Each one hour program offers an up-close personal portrait of a thinker or creator. This new incarnation of the series is the brainchild of broadcaster Stéphan Bureau who initially created under the title Contact in the early 1990s. Each episode, which is usually shot over the course of two or three days, centers around interviews conducted by Bureau with the featured creator. The complete program is shot on location in settings that are meaningful to the subject.

Fatal Contact: Bird Flu in America

Fatal Contact: Bird Flu in America is an ABC two-hour TV movie which first aired May 9, 2006 in which an American businessman visiting China is infected and carries the deadly mutated bird flu virus back via jetliner to the USA, soon it spreads throughout the country then the rest of the world. Before the movie ends, riots erupt, armed mobs try to hijack vaccines and authorities predict that up to 350 million people will die worldwide."

Contacto Deportivo

Contacto Deportivo is the only nightly Spanish language sports highlights and recap program broadcast on the TeleFutura network aimed at the Mexican and Hispanic market in the United States. It provides coverage of American NBA, MLB, NFL. Also the Mexican Primera División, English Premier League and many other international football leagues and competitions. Its regular hosts are Ricardo Celis, Antonietta Collins, Alejandro Berry, Jorge Perez-Navarro, Maria Eugenia Payan and Jorge Ottati. Its music is more lively than ESPN's Sportscenter but more martial. "Contacto Deportivo" offers weekly in-depth segments including Resumen Futbol de Liga Mexicana, Los Magnificos 10, Contacto Xtremo, Calendario Boxistico, Desde Adentro with Jorge Zambrano, and a weekly NFL wrap-up.

Ghost Whisperer 2005

Newlywed Melinda Gordon tries to help the dead communicate with loved ones, 'but sometimes the messages she receives are intense and confusing.' Most of Melinda's efforts involve resolving conflicts that are preventing the spirits from passing over. The sentimental drama is 'inspired by the work of medium James Van Praagh.'

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